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IQC is proud to announce their new group implementation programs

Reduce Implementation Costs 

On-site Consulting              Formal Training Sessions    


Standard: ISO 14001

Details of the program:
This program consists of two sections: formal in-class training and on-site consultation.  There will be a maximum of ten companies included in the program.  Each month the companies Environmental Management Representative(s) will attend scheduled courses learning about the ISO 14001 requirements, aspect evaluations, environmental assessments, documentation, implementation, reporting and auditing techniques.  Each month a qualified IQC consultant will visit your facility to give practical application ideas and to follow up on the implementation of each requirement. 


This program will reduce your implementation costs and allow you draw on the experiences of other companies. 


Contact Tammy Donoghue for more information regarding this program: 

Ph: (416) 817-8442            email: tdonoghue@isoqs9000.com 

If you’re interested in more information about our courses or services, please email us at info@isoqs9000.com. We will also send you e-mail bulletins on industry news.


date revised March 8, 2009

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